Cable shelf supports for floor to ceiling glass shelvestechnical drawing showing details of cable shelf supports

Cable shelf systems are available for 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" shelves (glass or other material).Components include stainless steel cable and nickel plated or stainless steel connecting hardware

The most popular and simplest installation is from floor to ceiling but cables can also be used for shelving systems inside display cases and cabinets.

The system is extremely versatile and easy to install. Brackets are quickly and easily repositioned so you can change the spacing and function of the display as often as you like.

Cable shelf supports display art and collectibles Cable shelf supports with customized configurations

Cable shelf systems are easily adjusted to provide custom configurations (see right).

Call for pricing on these state of the art cable systems. Cost depends on the number of cables and the number of shelf attachments. The eight-cable system shown (right) costs around $2000. Call John Wakefield at 1-877- 667-8050 or 520-320-0104 (outside US) for more information.

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